10 Great Halloween Gifts for People Who Love Zombies

Halloween is the one time of year when everyone looks for something to give their loved ones. The problem is that you’re never sure what your friends, family and coworkers want–especially if they are fans of zombies. Well, today’s your lucky day! I’ve gone through every person on your shopping list and came up with 10 great Halloween Gifts for People Who Love Zombies!

#1. Zombie Soap

Zombies are everywhere. You can buy a zombie costume at your local mall, or even make your own homemade one! If you have a friend who loves zombies and you have a little extra money, why not get yourself a zombie soap? These zombie soaps are like any other soap; but have little holes in them that make it look like a person is coming out of their body. These soaps are made with blood, guts and brains.

#2. Zombie Mash Board Game

If you’re looking for the ultimate Halloween gift, look no further than a Zombie Mash Board Game. This interactive board game will have your friends and family entertained for hours as they try to beat their opponents. The rules are easy to learn and anyone who is familiar with Monopoly can play without any prior experience titled Zombie Mash Board Game.

#3. Zombie Mask

There are so many Zombie Masks out there today, that it’s hard to decide which one will be the best. The problem is, every Zombie Mask has its own special and unique features which makes it different from all the other masks. So before you hit up your favorite shopping mall or search online, make sure you read these 10 great Halloween Gifts for People Who Love Zombies.

#4. Zombie Bookends

Zombie bookends are the perfect gift for any zombie-loving friend or loved one. Or even you! They’re a fun and unique way to display your favorite book, whether it’s your favorite zombie apocalypse novel, or something you wrote about the origins of zombies in Japan.

#5. Zombie Target Pillow

Now that we’re nearing the end of October and starting to think about Christmas, we might be in need of some more practical gifts (I know, I feel you). What better gift could there be than a zombie target pillow? This high-quality product is one that should definitely come in handy when your loved ones are preparing for any upcoming zombie events.

#6. Zombie Dish Towel

Do you know someone who’s obsessed with zombies? If so, then this Zombie Dish Towel might be their favorite Halloween gift. It has a picture of a zombie on it, wearing sunglasses and holding a gun, with his mouth open in what looks like shock or fear. This dish towel may seem silly, but it is actually pretty clever. These people would probably love to have one at their next party!

#7. Super Fun Zombie Dice Game

Make the spookiest holiday of the year even more fun with this super fun zombie dice game. I’m pretty sure every zombie fan will love it, especially if they have a pool buddy or family member who doesn’t really like Halloween. This creepy game includes 70 different cute and funny dice to roll, each bearing the image of a different zombie. You can even play against other people online and see if you can keep up with those zombies!

#8. The Walking Dead Monopoly

For the Walking Dead fans, there is only one gift to get. The Walking Dead Monopoly is an exciting and fun board game that will see you playing your favorite characters from the show by taking part in their goals. If you are not a fan of the zombie-themed board game, you can improvise and get a new trick out of your Halloween party by getting this awesome gift for your friend or family members who like zombies.

#9. Zombie Magnetic Poetry Kit

For all the people out there who love zombies, whether it be on TV or in books — this is the gift for you. I just got a lot of positive feedback from people who received these zombie magnetic poetry kits and they are all very happy to have them. People who have received these say that they are really fun and like to show off their creativity when using them.

#10. The Walking Dead Power Up Battery Charger with LED Flashlight

If you’re looking for Halloween gifts for people who love zombies, here’s some great suggestions. With this Walking Dead Power Up Battery Charger with LED Flashlight, you can keep your battery charged both when you aren’t near an outlet and in case of an emergency zombie attack. Suitable for all rechargeable AA batteries, it will power up any device that needs a boost (unlike other batteries). With three different modes – front white lights, front red lights and back blue light – there are no wrong ways to use it.

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